TREBIC Membership Meeting

Tuesday, February 14, 2017




Declarations of Conflicts of Interest (association with other groups that might conflict with TREBIC’s discussions today)


Welcome & Introductions – Sterling Kelly


Special Presentation

If You Don’t Know What’s New in High Point,

You Don’t (Yet) Know Jack!

With Special Guests:

City Councilman Jason Ewing

City Manager Greg Demko

Forward High Point Executive Director Ray Gibbs

Business High Point President and CEO Patrick Chapin



Time Allowing:

Update on HP Nearly Doubling its Water & Sewer Fees (meter, tap and acreage)

Guilford County Off-Site Septic & Well Ordinance Task Force – 2-16-17 @ 10AM Guilford County Planning and Building Fees Increases Task Force – date TBD

GSO Water & Sewer Map/Data On-line Access – 3-9-17 @ 11AM

GSO CBU Ordinance Draft Task Force – date TBD

2nd Annual “Stop Work Order” Regulatory Staff Appreciation Party

April 27th @ Traveled Farmer, SPONSOR NOW!

CHANGE YOUR CALENDARS: TREBIC Membership Meetings now 2nd Tuesdays

            VAD (Voluntary Agricultural District) Sign Thefts – Do You Know Who/Why?








Members are reminded that all discussions are confidential and agendas should not be shared with non-delegates.

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